I have had many significant experiences at Crowdtap:
~  I have developed wonderful friendships,
~  I have earned Amazon Gift Cards 
~  I have been able to donate all my earnings to my chosen charity, The Red Cross,
~  I have also been able to influence various brands through responding to their questions.
The experience that I have had on Crowdtap that has been MOST significant to me has been getting starred responses. “WHY?”… because, my starred responses have become the stepping-stones for pursuing other writing adventures. This surprise benefit is priceless to me!
Without getting Crowdtap starred responses I would have lacked the confidence to share my writing with others. I shared one of my Crowdtap Memorial Day posts with my family. This particular post was about my Father’s emotional visit to an American Cemetery Overseas. This was so well received that I also sent my family a copy of a post I wrote responding to one of Crowdtap’s Father’s Day questions. My family greatly enjoyed that also. Because of that, I have decided to compile my other, childhood memory, Crowdtap posts  along with others and print a memoir. I will present this  to my family for Christmas. This will be in binder style so that they can add to it. I know this will be a unique gift that they will cherish for years to come and hand down to future generations.
Joining Crowdtap and answering Crowdtap’s introspective discussion questions has become a framework for me to explore other writing as well.  Since participating at Crowdtap, I had the confidence to submit some household tips to the “All Four You” magazine and they were published! This blog is also an example of Crowdtap’s positive and challenging influence.  I created my own personal blog to enter Crowdtap’s blog contest. I never would have done that  before joining Crowdtap.  I am grateful for Crowdtaps positvie impact on my life and for all that I am able to participate in and experience by being a Crowdtap member.  I encourage anyone reading this blog to give Crowdtap a try! Joining is FREE and the rewards are numerous!