I am the owner of a precious Dachshund. He is the love of my life and I try to do everything to make him a happy and healthy dog. His food is very important. I got to try the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance through a BzzAgent. Coyote is very picky, but he really liked the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance. I was excited to give it to him because it contains fresh chicken as the #1 ingredient and it contains fruits and vegetables including cranberries. As important as what it includes is what it does not include, no corn or artificial colors! I have been feeding Coyote Hill’s Science Diet since he was a puppy and he has a beautiful shiny coat.
You can go to PetMD.com/mybowl for dog nutrition info. It is important to learn to read dog food labels and to discover important nutritional info for you dog. Proper nutrients help ensure optimal health for you beloved best friend. I highly recommend Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance
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