I just finished taking the Smarterer Twitter Test and received this email:

Welcome to the top! You’re a Master at Twitter.  


You’re top tier! Only 2.5% of Smarterer’s users reach the Master level in the Twitter test. Impressive! We’re pretty sure you have other hidden talents, so let Smarterer help you prove a new skill.

I joined Smarterer through a Bzzagent campaign the test are FUN and INFORMATIVE!

<img src=”http://img.bzzagent.com/image/smarterer.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=1691886995&Campaign=0348978528&Uid=518247&token=6397fa5c7c4ac836e63bf211a71e192a” alt=””/>

There are a variety of tests to take: My current score is 787 on BzzAgent.  You can answer more questions or add good questions to the system to improve your score.

I hope everyone gets involved in Smarterer. You can take a variety of tests and share your badges:

  • Blogger test
  • Facebook test
  • Flickr test
  • Twitter test
  • WordPress test
  • Tumblr Test
  • And many more!