Capture Healthy Choice crowd (2) Capture Healthy Choice Sampling party with TextI have been a fan of Healthy Choice products since they started being made in 1989. I am impressed with their philosophy, commitment to quality and the standards they go by to produce “HEALTHY” options that not only taste good but are easy to prepare. I am a member of the Healthy Crowd at Crowdtap and was excited to be included in the most recent sample share that allowed us to share a printable coupon. If you would like to join this Crowd and get in on great opportunities to share your opinions, just click this link

With Healthy Choice, eating healthy has never been so easy. You don’t have to feel deprived when you eat Healthy Choice Baked Entrees. They offer an awesome FRESH BAKED TASTE and are a FEAST for the eyes, yet each one is only around 300 calories. They take just minutes to prepare and are reasonably priced at around $2 each. They offer Weight Watchers point conversion and Diabetic Diet Exchanges. Both can be found on the outer packaging.
I have tried: the following Healthy Choice Baked entrees:

CHICKEN & RICE CHEDDAR BAKE ~ Whole-grain brown and wild rice pilaf with crisp broccoli and sliced chicken breast, covered in a creamy Cheddar cheese sauce, incredibly only 220 calories!

FETTUCCINI ALFREDO BAKE ~ Classic combination of freshly made fettuccini and rich Parmesan Alfredo sauce, with crisp broccoli and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs, only 270 calories!

FOUR CHEESE ZITI MARINARA ~ Freshly made ziti tossed with a classic marinara. Then topped with a blend of fine Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, and mozzarella cheeses, only 310 calories!

LASAGNA WITH MEAT SAUCE ~Three rich layers of freshly made pasta, hearty meat sauce, and ricotta cheese, topped with mozzarella, and only 280 calories!

I had a small “Healthy Choice Sampling” Party with some of my friends and family. One of my friends is a Diabetic and recently had an accident and cut her Achilles Tendon. She was unable to do her usual cooking. I felt this was the perfect chance to introduce her and some friends and family to Healthy Choice Baked entrees. I took her several of the Healthy Choice entrees to put in the freezer so she could have some healthy meals later. I also provided the Chicken & Rice, Fettuccini Alfredo, and the Four Cheese Ziti for everyone to sample. Everyone liked them, but the Four Cheese Ziti was the overall favorite!

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