Capture Flipstick for blogI was so excited to get to try COVERGIRL Blast Flipsticks for Free by being a BzzAgent. They comes in great shades to go from day to night and you can layer them for your own unique look! I really like that they have see through tops so there is no mistaking the color you are buying or applying.  I found them to have a pleasant fragrance and to be long wearing. They came with a $2.00 coupon which was wonderful to share. The only problem I had was they showed some “looks” on the the handout with the coupon, that I am not sure could be re-created. “Bright to Brilliant in Minx” showed a light gold color that was missing from either end of the Minx,  I got in my kit. It was not a natural or preferred look for me but I  did wondered how they managed to get that color.

I have been a FAN of Covergirl ever since I started wearing makeup. They continue to impress me with wonderful and inventive products. These COVERGIRL Blastflipsick were no exception. Two simple twists and both ends are open. Then the FUN begins. Which to to wear?, alone? or layered? They provided endless possibilities. They go one smooth and provided great coverage! I got 3 different BlastFlipsticks in my package. My lips looked great after applying the Minx. I liked each individual shade, but loved the combination of them both! Same with Vixen!

I have had the best time wearing the Cover Girl FlapSticks. They blend easily to create custom colors. The Blast FlipSticks are awesome and appeal to my creative nature. They make my lips feel moisturized. The Flapsticks eliminate the need to have a makeup case full of lipsticks. Day or night, dramatic or light any look can be achieved!

I wore Vixen Christmas Eve to my SIL’s house. My husband has 5 Sisters and they were all there. I included the $2 off coupons / information sheets in each of their gift bags. (which included lotion infused footies and lotion) They all seemed excited. One thought it was for CoverGirl Makeup and she said she only wore Clinique. After I told her it was for a new Lipstick and showed her the one I had in my purse and told her I was wearing it, she was interested. Another SIL told the others that CVS had CoverGirl on sale often. They wanted to know how I scored the coupons and I told them I got the Bast Flipsticks & coupons Free from being a BzzAgent!!

I gave my niece her choice of one of the CoverGirl Flipsticks I in my Bzz kit. She layered both shades and also put it on her 94 year old Grandmother. They both looked awesome!
She chose the “Stunner” combination. I snapped some great photos of them both. This just proves that CoverGirl is ageless! My neice is actually a member of BzzAgent, so we had FUN explaining that we get products for free, to share in exchange for our feedback!

Thanks BzzAgent and CoverGirl for another awesome campaign!