Capture Cafe Escapes K-CupsWith Café Escapes anyone can consistently brew coffee house quality beverages without the expense. I love starting and ending my day with a hot beverage. There is something very comforting about this ritual. The warmth of the beverage, the aroma and decadent taste of Café Escape’s is something I can afford to indulge in. There are enough varieties that I never get bored. Since there is no grinding, mixing or cleanup, Café Escapes K-cups are convenient. That is something I really appreciate when I am looking for a sweet indulgence.
Green Mountain is leader in specialty coffees and single cup brews. They are the makers of Café Escapes. Café Escapes comes in 7 very distinct flavors with one thing in common, they all have rich and satisfying flavor and are under 70 Calories each. Since Café Escapes is brewed within the individual K-Cups no residual flavor is left behind to interact or spoil the flavor of the next cup you brew. The airtight K-Cups assure an exceptionally fresh cup every time.
I am just getting over a bad cold.  Café Escapes Chai Latte’s aromatic blend has really hit the spot when nothing else tasted good. It contains cinnamon and black tea, both are believed to have health benefits. I always sip tea when I have a sore throat. This is something I have been doing for years the addition of spices makes it very flavorful! Nothing than curling up in my warm housecoat with the latest issue of Country Living or perusing my Spring Gardening Catalogs.
Café Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa is creamy, dreamy smooth chocolate flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Great with or without marshmallows! Perfect before bedtime to ensure a goodnight’s rest.
Café Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa ~ If given the choice, I usually choose Milk chocolate over Dark, because I don’t care for the bitterness that sometimes accompanies dark chocolate. There are several brands of dark chocolate that I do enjoy because the chocolate is such high quality and perfectly balanced. I found the Café Escapes Dark Chocolate to be decadent and surprisingly good.
Café Mocha ~ This became one of my favorites for an afternoon pick me up. I often crave a chocolate treat in the afternoons and the Café Mocha had a wonderfully balanced combination of chocolate and quality coffee!
Café Vanilla ~ Such a comforting brew, I love the aroma and taste of this. It is the perfect dessert brew. I like to serve it with my Pecan Tassies. I enjoy fixing a cup of this and sipping it outside on the porch on sunny mornings!
Café Caramel ~ I saved the best for last. This is truly is a decadent yummy treat. I am a huge fan of anything caramel. Each cup I brew is anticipated and a treat. Café Caramel satisfies me when I am craving for sweet and decadent. I love to be through with my chores and have a cup of Café Caramel while watching a favorite movie!
I appreciated being invited to the Cafe Escapes BzzCampaign! #GotItFree
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