Capture Complexion before & afterI was very excited to get invited into the Garnier Skin Renewal Dark Spot Peel BzzAgent Campaign. My complexion has become worse over the years with dark spots and discoloration.

I am impressed with Garnier Skin Renewal Dark Spot Peel. I have been using it at night on clean, dry skin, applying a small amount before I go to bed. I have seen an improvement not only on dark spots but my overall complexion is brighter and clearer. I had dark spots on my chin, cheeks and forehead and it has lightened them. It works well with my Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew daily regenerating moisture lotion with SPF 15 that I apply in the morning.

Garnier Skin Renewal Dark Spot Peel goes on silky smooth and silky. There were a few times that I noticed the skin around my hairline became drier than normal after applying the Garnier Skin Renewal Dark Spot Peel, but I just avoided that area the next night and it cleared up. I like how light this feels on my skin. After applying it absorbs very quickly. Leaving it on all night and waking up to results is great! I saw immediate results the first night I used it! My skin felt smooth and moisturized. After the first week my overall complexion improved and with continued use spots, scarring and pore size were reduced.

I am very pleased with the overall results using this unique overnight leave on exfoliating peel! This has become another Garnier product that I am a fan of and highly recommend! #GotItFree