I was so EXCITED to be chosen to host a Keurig Vue Party and received the Keurig Vue 500 to demostrate to my family and friends how it works. The Keurig Vue brews, HOTTER, STRONGER and BIGGER!  It is really cool because it brews favorite beverages  in less than 1 minute.

The touchscreen is easy to use and “Custom Brewing Technology” lets you brew regular or strong to suit your taste

It can brew sizes from 4 oz. up to a full-size 16-oz. travel mug; with 60-oz. water reservoir!

The revolutionary Keurig Vue delivers more, gourmet quality beverages from a quality made, attractive machine. I highly recommend it. It is easy to use and performs flawlessly!

(V500 Features: -Black & white touch screen allows you to easily select and
customize the settings. Brews in under 1 minute.-Customize your own temperature
and strength to ensure your coffee is just the way you like it.-Removable water
reservoir makes refilling and cleaning a cinch.-Large capacity, Removable 60 oz.
water reservoir with easy fill, flip-top lid.-Variable brew size choices between
4 and 16 oz.-Enjoy beverages hot, frothy café style or brew over ice.-Removable
drip tray.-Cord Storage.)