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I was so excited to get the email a few weeks ago congratulating me on being selected for the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Book Club Party on Crowdtap!! I immediately started planning my party. I got a lot of great ideas from from the Digital kit Crowdtap provided!

We had over 20 people at the party. Not everyone wanted to be included in the photos despite my shameless cajoling! My husband despises being in any of the photos that I share online, but is a huge movie buff so he acquiesced confident that it would please me, and it did!! LOL! (He is on the end with his baseball cap turned backwards.)

We had wonderful Mortal Instrument themed food and camaraderie! A big thanks to my Sister and BIL for doing an excellent job on the steaks, ensuring some were rare for even the most discriminating Werewolves in attendance!

City of Bones Menu:

~ Downworlder Steaks (T-bones)

~ Demon Eyeball Salad ( Broccoli salad with grapes)

~ Hodge’s Greenhouse herbs with Angel Hair Pasta


~ Angelic Fruit Cobbler (Orchard Peach Cobbler)

still warm from the oven served with Vanilla Ice cream

We discussed the book ,had a Rune Drawing Activity and lively and entertaining conversation from the “Poll the Audience” questions:



Let’s bring this conversation down into the shadows. To set the mood for an evening of Downwardly excitement, ask these questions about our maybe-not-so-mundane world.

1 ~ Clary can see things no one in her world can. Have you ever felt like you could see something no one else could see? Do you think hidden worlds exist?

2~ Dorothea, the tarot-reader who lives underneath Clary, may or may not have some powerful gifts. Do you believe some people are gifted with psychic powers? Have you ever visited a psychic? Would you?

3~ If your mom or dad had a secret past or knew about a hidden, dangerous world, would you want them to tell you? Would you rather be safe from danger or know the truth?

4 ~Have you ever felt the presence of ghosts, demons, or other creatures from the Downworld? Who at your party has a hair-raising ghost story to share?


It was an exciting party made even more so because hosts have….


“A chance to win some serious City of Bones swag and Downworld artifacts”

You can get in on the fun by joining the Shadowhunters on Crowdtap 
It was fun sharing my photos of the party on Twitter and Facebook!