I was excited to be a part of the Crowdtap Clean Crew Sample Share. We got two sample packs of wipes that each included $3 off coupons (off toilet paper 12 packs or larger and wipes) to share with friends.

I have seen several adds in my recent magazines for “Let’s Talk about your BUM” on Facebook featuring  British celebrity “Cheryl / Cherry”. I know some people are not comfortable talking about their bathroom hygiene, but I don’t think it should be taboo to talk about “bums”. To make the sampling more FUN, I added a roll of Cottonelle toilet paper to the wipe samples. I also made some copies of “WHAT’S WEIRDER ME TALKING TO YOU ABOUT YOUR BUM OR YON NOT USING WIPES ON IT?” that I found in my recent magazines. I wrapped all this up in clear cellophane and tied a nice bow on top.

The friends I shared this sampling with were excited to get the sample and coupons. It led to some interesting conversation. They both have septic tanks and were hopeful the flushable Cleansing Cloths would not harm it. One friend I handed her sample to her directly and she said she did use wet wipes, but not every time. My other friend is a little shy, so I went to visit and while I was there used the bathroom and left her sample on the toilet seat. She called me later laughing at the note on it. She said she tried the wipes and liked them and was going to buy some next time she was out.

Cottonelle has a sleek new dispenser and it was included in the sampling. I love ours. It looks clean and sleek, a great improvement over the old tubs.

I know that nothing leaves me feeling cleaner and fresher than using Cotttonelle Toilet in combination with wipes, besides a bath. I think If you try this routine will agree! You wouldn’t wash you car without water?… Would you?