SUPER EASY TOUCH UP Between coloring

To me there is nothing worse than looking in the mirror a week or two after coloring to see roots showing! I was VERY pleased with  Nice’N Easy Root Touch up, it solved that problem quickly and easily!

 I cover my gray using an Ash Blonde color. I have recently been using Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy Natural Medium Ash Blonde. I picked the root touch-up in the shade Medium Ash Blond and it worked GREAT!. It got rid of the gray roots and blended naturally with my hair color. In fact, it not only got rid of my gray in a flash, but left my hair in good condition, looking healthy and shiny.

It was easy to dispense the permanent color cream and color activating lotion. Mixing it was quick. The container to mix it in was included in the box and was convenient and there was no mess. I found it thick enough to apply with the brush, that was also included, without having to worry about drips. The small blue brush that was included in the kit made the application go smoothly. There was plenty of the product to apply generously to my part area and to my temples.

I left the root touch up on for 10 minutes and then rinsed it and conditioned it. I was very pleased with the results. I was excited to share this product with others. I found it came in a variety of shades to match anyone’s hair color, whether it was salon or at-home colored.

I tweeted about this product and picked the first three people that responded to my tweet to get the FREE Coupons Vocal point and Clairol so generously included in my blog kit. This is a link to that tweet…https://twitter.com/MaryCLet/status/399610974514069505

Congratulations to the winners.

@Catlady1977, @LoriLoribear, @Katkbug


Capture Root touch up before and after.PNG

Capture Root touch up before and after.PNG