Capture Large Cetaphil Collage

I am so EXCITED to be a part of the Cetaphil Crowd on Crowdtap and be chosen to be a part of their sampling experience. I have sensitive skin and I have to be very careful with the products I use, especially on my face. The older I get, it seems the more sensitive my skin is. I had my yearly check up with my dermatologist and every year she tells me to make sure I am  using a daily moisturizer that has an SPF.  I am very happy that Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer has a 15 SPF!

  I got a generous box of goodies for myself t and to share with friends and family!  The party pack included:

• 1 full size cloth
• 1 full size RestoraDerm
• 1 full size moisturizer
• 10 sample cloths
• 10 sample RestoraDerm
• 10 sample moisturizers
• 1 pamphlet

I am happy to report that I loved ALL the products!  They are all light and fragrance free.  These are terrific for all skin types even those with sensitive skin and eczema .
The Daily Facial Moisturizer is light and goes on smooth.  I appreciate that it is not at all  greasy and feels natural on my skin.  With a family history of cancer, I appreciate that it provides broad spectrum sun protection. Protecting my skin against damaging UVA and UVB rays is a top priority.  I want to keep my skin in as good a shape as possible and prevent sun damage.
 The RESTORADERM SKIN RESTORING MOISTURIZER  is very lightweight, non-greasy and fragrance free.  It soothes, replenishes and protects very dry skin for long-lasting relief.  My skin feels and looks great when I use it.  It “offers a unique combination of ceramide and Filaggrin technology” which has been proven to help soothe the symptoms of eczema.
 The RESTORADERM SKIN RESTORING BODY WASH is light and does a great job cleaning and lathering without drying my skin.  It is clinically proven to provide non-irritating and moisture-enhancing cleansing, while soothing the dry, itchy, skin. It also offers “Filaggrin technology”.
 The CETAPHIL GENTLE SKIN CLEANSING CLOTHS were a great addition to this line of products. I was not aware until this sampling that they were available. They are now one of my  favorite products! They are so convenient and work well to clean and remove makeup! They are large in size and have a wonderful  texture to exfoliate skin and get it really clean without irritation.   My skin feels fantastic after I use them.
   I highly recommend all these products and was excite to share them with family and friends. Some were aware and used the Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizer, but none of them had heard of the Cleansing cloths and were very excited to learn about this new Cetaphil product!
 The photos show how much FUN my guests had at the party. We had refreshments and played a word game to see who could come up with the most words created from the letters 
C-E-T-A-P-H-I-L !
THANK YOU Crowdtap and Cetaphil for including me!