Capture Rhodes BIG collage

I was so excited to be included in the Rhodes Bake-N-Serv party! It was so much FUN! #rhodesbakery #tryazon.

The kids had fun decorating the “Christmas Tree” made from Rhodes Anytime Cinnamon Rolls.  We also prepared German Chocolate Pizza and Fry Bread!

I chose the Anytime Cinnamon Rolls to make the Christmas Tree because they are ready in about 30 minutes straight from the freezer and I knew the kids would enjoy decorating it. I picked the German Chocolate Pizza because it looked wonderful and I liked that it did not require any “rise” time. I also thought that guests would be surprised to learn you could make pizza from Rhodes Rolls. I decide to do fry bread since it would be a change from baking in the oven.

I got a Rhodes Recipe book in my party kit, which was fantastic and made it hard to decide which recipes to showcase. You are in luck because Rhodes provides recipes on their website. at<a href=””></a&gt;

Tryazon made it really easy to host this party with a “Rhodes Party Host Guide”. The provided the hosts with coupons for 3 Free Rhodes products and $1 off coupons for guests. Hosts were also given an apron and kitchen towel in addition to the Cookbook.

The adults and children all had a wonderful time at the party, as you can tell from the photos! I look forward and hope I get to host a Tryazon party again!