Capture Listerine Healthy White sample

I was so pleased to be invited to participate in Crowdap’s exclusive sampling of Listerine’s Healthy White Mouthwash.

I am a heavy coffee drinker, I also drink hot tea, grape juice and cranberry juice. All this and age, (I am 54) causes my teeth to need extra whitening. I have been using whitening strips and have good results, but they are expensive and they cause teeth sensitivity.

I was skeptical that the Listerine HealthyWhite could whiten without irritation or making my teeth sensitive, but it does! I like the clean mint taste. It is not too harsh and leaves my mouth and teeth feeling super clean! My husband has noticed that my breath is fresher since using it.

I use the HealthyWhite rinse twice a day, morning and night. I pour the cap half way full and swish a full minute. In the morning , I wait 30 minutes after swishing before drinking or eating anything. At night I swish right before bed.

I am very pleased with the results. Listerine Healthy White keeps my teeth looking great! I highly recommend it!Capture Listerine Healthy White and me