I was excited to get the opportunity to review As Seen On TV’s Dispenserless Tape in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I ship a lot of packages. I have family and friends that live all over, some as far away as West Africa! I also sell antiques and vintage items on Ebay. I ship a lot of packages. I am always losing my scissors and sometimes don’t have an extra hand for scissors when holding the boxes together, so I couldn’t wait to try out this tape! It didn’t disappoint me either! In fact it exceeded my expectations! It is strong and durable and it is super easy to find the edge to unroll a new piece with the black dots directing you right to the spot!

Capture tape collage

I appreciate a lot of information is given right on the front of the roll: the roll is 55 yards long, 2″ wide and 3 mils thick. The directions are pretty self explanatory, but it is nice to have them along with an illustration. There are faint black dots all throughout the roll. These dots mark the segments. The segments are 12″ long. This means that every 12″ you can tear the tape by hand, no cutter or scissors necessary as the tape is perforated in that area. You can also use longer than 12″strips if needed. These longer strips remains strong and durable once it is taped down! Very COOL!

I found another great use for these 12’ tape strips. They are the perfect length and width to be used as a lint remover! I have a black chair pad that my cats like to hang out on. Just one of these strips removed all the cat hair from that pad easily!!

I am always excited with a product that saves me time and frustration. This tape does both. I no longer need scissors or have to waste time looking for the end of the tape!

Capture tape collage lint removal

Here is the link to the tape on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S9TW3RM/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_19