I really like this fruit infusion pitcher! It is not only beautiful but works great! It is made from acrylic that is so crystal clear, it looks like glass! I have never been a big fan of regular water, unless I am outside working in the heat. I know I need to drink more water and like flavored water. I was very excited when I got the opportunity to try this Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher at no cost and review it during a promotion. It makes it so easy for me to create my own flavored water and is a great way to serve it!

This pitcher comes with a removable hollow infusion rod that can easily be filled and cleaned. It can also be totally removed after the infusion process is done. The lid fits the pitcher without the rod, which is a nice feature! My favorite combination is strawberries and apples! I wash them, slice them and fill the rod. Then add water and put the pitcher in the refrigerator for several hours. The result is aromatic and refreshing! I appreciate that this pitcher holds a generous 3 quarts and is shatterproof / break resistant! 

I can’t wait until my garden starts producing. I think fresh cucumbers and lemon balm would be a great combination, I look forward to trying that! With this pitcher the possibilities are endless!

Capture Infusion Pitcher Collage
If you are interested in learning more you can go to this link!