Capture French press collage
I love coffee and have always heard good things about what wonderful coffee a French Press produces. I had never purchased a French press and to be honest was a little apprehensive to try that method of brewing. I was excited when I got the opportunity to order the Pyora French Press for a discount and review it during a promotion! It has exceeded my expectations! The process of brewing is simple and it does indeed produce excellent coffee!
This coffee press has benefits that I appreciate. It requires no power to operate, requires no filters, it brews quickly, is easy to clean, and it looks cool! It is made from stainless steel and glass that with proper care should last a long time because there is nothing to rust, corrode or wear out! I like that I  don’t have to worry about filters, buying or recycling. It brews coffee or tea. No need for separate pots! When I am finished I toss the grounds on my garden.
For any one that is not familiar with a French Press, the step by step directions are printed right on the side of the box:
1 ~ Add 8 tsp. (almost 1/3 cup) of ground coffee or 6 tsp. of loose tea to the bottom of the French Press.
2 ~ Boil water and allow to cool for 15 seconds. Add water to an inch below the top of the French Press
3 ~ Stir the water for 15 seconds to allow the coffee or tea to mix
4 ~ Place the plunder on top of the French press and allow you coffee or tea to brew. 2-3 minutes for coffee and 1-7 minutes for tea depending on the type of tea.
5 ~ Slowly push the plunger down separating the coffee grounds or leaves from the water.
ENJOY! Avoid over brewing to prevent bitterness! The beverage comes out steaming hot!
I am very pleased with the Pyora French Press and proud to recommend it!
You can find it on Amazon here at the link below. They have some promotions going on right now.