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I was very excited to get invited to try Zep Microwave Miracle Foaming Cleaner through Crowdtap. I have tried quite a few Zep Products in the past and they have always performed exceptionally well.

The directions on the side of the bottle say….”Thoroughly coat microwave bottom or turntable with product. Activate microwave for 1 – 2 minutes. Allow product to cool. Then wipe with paper towel or cloth. Always test first in an inconspicuous area. Rinse thoroughly from food contact surfaces.” It also mentioned above the directions…”For use on: microwave interiors including glass and plastic turntables.”

I sometimes place food directly on my turntable so I removed that and then 
sprayed” the Zep on the bottom of the microwave. Mine did not spray, it came out in a foam string and made a blob. I spread it around the bottom with a paper towel and put my microwave on 2 minutes and let it run. I waited a few minutes and opened the door. The first thing I noticed was the fresh scent, Then I noticed my interior light did not work, then I noticed my microwave had no power. My husband is an electrician so I told him about it. I thought maybe a fuse was blown. He asked me if I had anything inside it when I used the Zep. I told him I did not and the directions did not say to have anything inside. He told me that he had always heard that a microwave should never be used empty. It should at least have a cup of water in it. I was very worried that I had ruined my microwave. He said to unplug it and let it cool off. I did and after a half hour, plugged it back in and thankfully it still worked.

This was on a Friday night and I tried to call their 800 # to get clarification on the directions, but they are only open until 5 pm EST M-F. The Zep did clean the microwave. It did not remove all the stains. I sprayed this cleaner on my stove top after cooking supper and it did a good job removing stuck on and greasy messes, without having to be heated up.

This comes in an 8 oz. bottle. I used almost half a bottle cleaning my microwave and stove top. I should have used gloves with this product. It really dried out the tips of my fingers.

While I really like the fresh scent this cleaner leaves and do agree that it is beneficial in removing baked-on food, I would be hesitant to ever use it in my microwave again or recommend it, unless I had more information and details on how it is meant to be used to keep my microwave from overheating. All microwaves vary so maybe the directions should take into consideration the power of microwaves and have the time list with that in mind.

I was provided this sample at no cost in return for my honest review.

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