Capture Effitiv lunch box

This is such a neat lunch box! There are items that I see and think to myself, “That is a really cool design!” This lunch box is one of those! I was excited when I was given this lunch box to review during a promotion! I am very pleased!  I love the bright colors this lunch box comes in: purple, orange, green and blue! It was hard for me to decide which one to get, but I decide on the purple. It arrived safely packed in it’s own box. Like the other items I have ordered from Effitiv, this one is very well made and high quality.

It has a top lid with a sealing ring, that has fold down wings that secure the 2 containers and inner lid when snapped shut. It is easy to put on and to seal down. All pieces stack together snuggly and prevent spills. The bottom container will hold large items or a large amount the top container is split into two. Perfect for dip and crudites! The white middle lid / tray hold silverware (it comes with a plastic fork spoon and knife and there is enough room there for napkin / wet wipes / toothpicks or small packs of condiments! It would be nice if the lid had a handle but other than that I can’t think of any changes I would make.

It is not recommended to wash the lids in a dishwasher or microwave them. The containers are safe to dishwash and microwave. I am very pleased and excited to recommend it!

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