** I received this can opener set for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.**


This is a really nice set! Both the can opener and bottle opener have handles that are easy and comfortable for me to grip. That is not often the case with manual can openers. I can’t tell you how many I have owned that failed to work after just a short time. They might cut part of the way around the can and then stop cutting, this is so aggravating. This can opener is very easy to turn and I experience no fatigue when using it. It cuts smoothly and with no interruption. I appreciate that it has a magnet on it to catch the lid. I hate when a lid falls back into a can or I have to take it off myself. Using a another utensil or risk cutting my fingers. This can opener not only catches the lid but leaves a smooth edge.

The bottle opener works very well also. It punctures cans easily and also takes the top off of bottles with no issues. Both the can opener and bottle opener have holes in the end for hanging. I appreciate that the cutting wheel on the can opener and the point of the bottle opener are both made from Stainless steel and will last a long time. This set not only performs well, but looks great too. I am very pleased!

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