There are few things that I find as peaceful as brewing a cup of tea. I so pleased when I was given a “Tea Beyond” teapot to try out and review. This teapot looked nice in the photos when I ordered it.  When it arrived and I unpacked it, I was in awe of how beautiful it was! The pink butterfly sitting on top of the lid is truly a work of art! It symbolizes new life, because the butterfly emerges and changes from caterpillar / pupa to a winged beauty!

Capture Clear Teapot collage

Tea Beyond describes the design and inspiration of this teapot…”The water wave crystal-like dots on the teapot body and handle represents liquid tea drops-clean and beautiful. Tea Beyond is inspired by Jane’s personal story-She simply wanted to improve her health condition, but couldn’t find good quality tea in the US. So Jane created Tea Beyond to share her passion and knowledge about tea and tea-wares.”

Capture Lemon balm tea

I decided my first tea I would brew in this beautiful pot should be just as pretty as the pot! I chose one of my favorites, fresh lemon balm, violet and roasted dandelion root! This teapot comes with a tea infuser that has very tiny slots in the bottom. The handle’s dot design helps it to have a safe grip! The pot is microwave and top rack dishwasher safe. It makes 24 oz. of tea and keeps it hot!

Capture pouring tea

I am very pleased with all aspects of this teapot and proud to recommend it.  You can find out more about it here !