Capture White Leaf face cream

I am in my mid fifties and always looking for skin care products that nourish and protect my skin, without clogging my pores or leaving irritation. I am impressed with this day cream. It comes in a 1.7 oz jar. I apply this in the morning using a gentle circular motion on my face and a upward motion on my neck. It has a pleasant, clean scent. It is ultra thick and takes only a small amount to moisturize my face and neck area. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft, pampered and smooth.

I like the high quality and natural ingredients this cream contains ~ Coconut Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Cranberry Seed Oil, Mange Seed Butter, as well as one of my favorite skin care ingredients Shea Butter! I was excited that I was given this cream to try out to provide an unbiased review. I am very pleased. I have experienced no irritation from this product and see improvement in the texture of my skin!

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