I was so excited to get the opportunity to order try a variety of dog treats for a discount and from Pawstruck.com. and review them! All the treats I got arrived in clear zipper sealed heavy duty bags. All are made in the U.S.A and 100 % natural for ease of mind.


My spoiled dachshund’s first pick and favorite! My dachshund has a chewing obsession so I am always on the look for natural and safe treats that will satisfy him. These Springs are perfect for him and last a long time! I appreciate that these Springs are all natural with no additives and come from free-range and grass-fed bulls. My dachshund is precious to me. I only want to give him treats that I know are safe. I know Pawstruck is committed to producing premium treats. It is beneficial that while my dachshund is chewing these they help clean his teeth! I recommend them for dogs of any size!

Capture Coyote & Spring treats


Coyote also enjoyed the Bully Stick Rings, they are also all natural with no preservatives. They enjoy lots of  FUN chew time! The one I received was About 3 1/2 in. in diameter and 1/2 in wide.

Capture Bully Ring


This was another favorite for my dachshund! He really enjoyed chewing on this and it lasted a long time! The ear is oven baked and it has that oven baked look. This is a nice change from the normal Rolled or tied basted rawhide treats he gets.
Like the other Pawstruck treats their Pigs Ears are 100% Natural with no chemicals or preservatives that could be harmful.

Capture Pigs Ear


This hoof arrived completely wrapped up and inside a plastic resealable clear bag. My dachshund enjoyed chewing and playing with the hoof! He would chew on it and then hide it…look for it, chew on it some more, then bury it under his blankets! I appreciate that this hoof is all natural with no chemicals or hormones. Safety comes first!  Like the other treats, this hoof is a nice treat to give my dachshund variety and a change from his normal chew treats.

Capture cow hoof


The Pawstruck Cow Ear has an advantage over some chew treats because it did not stain any bedding or rugs! My dachshund enjoyed chewing and eating the cow ear. It was nice size and lasted a long time. I appreciate that the Pawstruck Cow Ears are made in the USA and are all-natural! Like the rest of Pawstruck dog treats and dog chews we sampled they contain no harmful chemicals or additives. This cow ear must have been tasty because my dachshund did not quit chewing and eating until it was gone! Perfect for a dog that is chewing obsessed!

Capture cows ear

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