I love the aroma of freshly ground coffee! It is one of my favorite scents! There is nothing more welcoming to me than that scent. My parents loved coffee and it always brings back good memories of early morning breakfasts. Brewing coffee first thing in the morning is a ritual I enjoy! I love a “good” cup of coffee. This means a cup with an awesome aroma and bold flavor, that is also smooth. Brewing plays a part in the production of my perfect cup, but so do the beans from which the coffee I brew is ground. I enjoy trying new coffee. I was excited when I got the opportunity to try a bag of Koffee Kult Dark Roast 100% Arabic Coffee beans for a discount and review it during a promotion and I adore it!!

My order of Koffee Kutl arrived quickly. I could smell the coffee beans before I took the bag out of the box!! The bag is strong and has a one way valve on the front that keeps the bag from bursting. The first thing I do with all bagged coffee I buy or am considering purchasing, is squeeze the bag. The aroma tells me a lot about how the finally cup will taste! I was very pleased, this reminded me of dark chocolate brownies. I opened the bag and the beans looked great, smooth and shiny. I ground enough to brew a pot. I used 1 Tbs. per 4 – 6 oz of water. It smelled so good brewing, I could smell it in the next room! Koffee Kult Dark Roast made delicious decadent coffee! It has a taste that is just as wonderful as it’s aroma. A bold, rich earthy flavor that is also very smooth! I am proud to recommend it and will certainly be purchasing more! Every pot since that first one has tasted just as wonderful!

Koffee Kult coffee is roasted in Hollywood, Florida. It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. It has low acidity which my stomach appreciates and a crisp sweet finish that my taste buds adore! The bags are high quality and can be resealed to keep in freshness. I guarantee it won’t stay around long enough to get stale.

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