I love coffee! I was so excited when I discovered a new venue for ordering artisanal coffee prepared in small batches and roasted to perfection! You can learn more at Click Roast Deliver! http://www.clickroastdeliver.com

They were gracious enough to allow me to order their coffee to try! I chose the KEALA’S Hawaiian Coffee, one bag of the “Honolulu Blend” and one bag of the “Hapuna Blend”. I am very pleased  with both of these coffee’s! Their aroma and flavor are impressive! They have exceeded my expectations and I am proud to recommend them.


KEALA’S HONOLULU BLEND ~ “like the multi-cultural city that inspires it, is a blend of the finest quality coffee beans from around the globe.  African, Indonesian, and Oahuan coffees, all carefully selected for their finest quality, combine for a full-bodied cup of coffee, evocative of that perfect morning wave breaking on a distant Hawaiian shore.  The Honolulu Blend is medium roasted.  Fragrant island notes of guava and mountain apple complement the blend’s polished, full body.”

KEALA’S HAPUNA BLEND ~ Contains 20% Kona coffee, and  “takes an untraditional route in composing this unique Kona coffee blend. In Seattle, espresso is king. As a roaster, your espresso blend sets the bar by which you are judged. Keala’s had this in mind when they created the Hapuna Blend, using coffees from Kona, Africa, and Indonesia to create a classic Seattle dark roasted coffee blend. The Hapuna blend has a gulping thick body reminiscent of maple syrup. The finish is where the Kona shines as simple sweet citrus hints leave your mouth. The Hapuna Blend works excellently as an espresso. As drip coffee, be prepared for a heavy cup of coffee!”

Click Roast Deliver is offering a Discount Code: BLOG20. This code is good for 20% off an order, not including shipping.

I am sure you will find a coffee blend that you love. They offer a variety of grinds for their coffee.

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