I love these silicone lids! They come in a nice variety of sizes to fit almost any bowl, pan, cup, or even things like ice buckets! As long as the lids is a little bigger than the container you are covering they work great. Just press the center and it creates a suction seal. These lids have a lot of benefits, they keep food fresher longer and hey keep hot food hotter longer. The smallest lid works the same with beverages or soups in a cup or mug! These lids look and work better than covering with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. If you lose the top or break the top to a container, these lids are the solution! I have quite a few items that have no top. My ice bucket is one of those. I am very excited to still be able to us my ice bucket with the use of one of these lids! I was excited to be given these lids to try out and review during a promotion. I am very pleased!

Capture Silicone lid covers

These lids are also great not only for storing food but for transporting food. I took potato salad to a pot-luck and everyone wanted to know where I got the silicone lid and where they could get it!

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