I am so pleased with Callus Remover! My husband has large calluses on the outer side of both his big toes, the area below that (where his feet rub the side of his shoe) and on his heels. I have calluses on the tip of m big toes and back of my heels. This remover works great with no pain. It requires 2 AA batteries. It does not come with batteries but they are simple to install, no tools required.

FAST ~ This take much less time than other methods for removing calluses. It is a little loud when running, but it doesn’t take long to get the job done, so this is not an issue for me.

COMFORTABLE ~ There is no pain when using this remover. It tickles and you can feel it working but there is no discomfort. It is easy on the user because it does not require the over and over rubbing or sanding that can be tiring to the hands. The handle of this remover is wide and easy to grip.

SAFE ~ This is a safe way to remove callused, hard and dry skin. It is gentle and removes one layer at a time. IT has a safety switch to avoid it accidentally being turned on. It is safe to use around water. It comes with a clear plastic protective cover. I feel much more secure using this verses a scraper with a metal blade.

EASY TO CLEAN ~ It comes with a small brush to clean the head and can be rinsed under running water.

WATER RESISTANT ~ It can be used wet or dry. Which is great because water softens the callus area and then all the dry skin that is removed goes right down the drain.

QUICK HEAD CHANGE ~ This comes with 2 heads. I could not tell any difference in the two heads that came with my remover. Changing them out is simple. Just push the button on the side and hold in to remove a roller. Do the same thing to add a roller. It couldn’t be easier. I appreciate that it comes with an extra roller.

I was excited to get to order this callus Remover for free to try out, evaluate and review during a promotion. I am very pleased with the quality, performance and results!