This scale has an attractive design!  The clear glass top is what caught my attention. When I weigh on this scale and compare it to my other scales, it weighs the same.  Once the batteries are installed it will automatically weigh you when you step on it.  Nothing to turn on or off.


If you are interested in Body Mass this scale can measure Body Fat, Water, Muscle and Bone Mass. I have no idea how to gauge the accuracy of those measurements, but it was interesting to input my  information and see the results.  To get those calculations, you have to get on the scale, get the weight reading, then you bend over and hit the center button and pick which “P” / Person you want to assign yourself (you can pick any # 1-9) Select  male/female, add your height and your age.

After all that is put in, it will give weight again and the calculations of your Body Mass readings. It will go over them two times before automatically shutting off. I think this scale should come with a remote to keep from having to bend over to go through  the body info every time, but then again it is exercise!

Capture scale P^.PNG

This scale can measure up to 330 lbs. and is available in 3 different colors: White, Blue and Golden. It is available from Amazon. It has a nice size display that I have no problem seeing. You can read more about it here ~

I received this scale for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. #GotItFree #AllStarsAmz