This string of lights can be used anywhere there is sufficient sunlight to keep them charged!


Mine arrived charged and coiled up. All I had to do was unwind them and place/ hang/ drape them where I wanted. The string is 33Ft long and has 100 tiny LEDs. The copper wire is easy to bend and shape. It is light enough that it can go on very delicate branches and not weigh them down. I strung them on my Norfolk Island Pine and they did not damage it!


The solar panel has two buttons on the back. One is an ON/OFF switch and the other controls the modes. You press to go through the modes until you find the one you want. There are 8 modes in all: Combination, Fireflies flashing, Waving, Fading, Chasing/Flashing, Slowly Fading, Twinkling/Flashing and Steady on. The lights are small enough to be used in a Fairy Garden. Below is a photo of them wrapped around a gazebo in my Fairy Garden.


These lights can be used outdoors year round and will be especially festive during the Holidays. This strand can be purchase at Amazon ~

I received this set for a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. #GotADiscount #Elite1sReviews