I enjoy entertaining.  The older I get the simpler I want changing out from one occasion to another to be. I was excited to get the opportunity to to order Emart’s chair covers and tablecloths during a promotion.  Their solid white surface provides a blank canvas that is perfect for all types of decorating. I quickly changed my dining room table from Halloween to Fall and then to Winter using nothing more than duct tape!  The tape is easy to apply and remove. (The residue from cutting the duct tape can be removed from your scissors with WD-40)



For Halloween I decorated the chairs with a “ghosts” and “spiders”. The candy corn, eyes and nose on the spider were cut from Duck brand chalkboard tape and then colored with permanent markers. I chose reverible place mats so I could reverse to solid orange and use them after Halloween. The centerpiece was a simple white pumpkin surrounded at the bottom with Jack-O-Lantern cookies. My Sister-in-Law gave me the gorgeous bowl that the pumpkin is displayed in. I put the bowl on top of a black candle stand (turned upside down).



I used inexpensive straw hats from the dollar store to top the chairs and help turn them into “scarecrows”. The hats have a metal edge so it was no problem to bend the hats so that they would stay on the top of the chairs. Wire edged ribbon,  fall leaves along with  duct tape features completed the look and took only minutes to apply. I used bronzer to add some color to their cheeks. The same Halloween place mats were used, turned over to the solid side. I added cornucopia napkins and pine cones to the centerpiece.



I like using snowmen to decorate with because they  look good before, during and after the Christmas Holiday. I used inexpensive black sun hats, stapled in the front to top the chairs. I left the “mouth” and ribbon that was on the scarecrows and just switched the noses to a carrots adding coal eyes. I took this photo to show how the simple addition of two “buttons” makes a big difference! I removed the white pumpkin from the centerpiece, added pine cones (that I picked up from the yard) and fresh red delicious apples!


Themed parties are always a lot of fun! To create the “cat”, duct tape was used again for the features and bows. For the ears I used large stick on labels. A “rabbit” with long ears would be easy to create for Spring parties!  You could use black for ears, nose and spots to create dog chairs for “Snoopy” or “Zoomer” on Paw Patrol. Pandas would be no problem to create. The ways these chair covers can be decorated is virtually unlimited!

I look forward to using these chair covers. They are made from stretchy fabric. The bottoms have pockets for the legs of the chairs to slip into. They stay in place and are comfortable to sit on. They can be put over a variety of chairs. They work on folding  card table chairs, but don’t look as good as they do on straight back dining chairs. The table covers are made from 100% polyester, 90-Inch diameter and fit most standard round rectangular banquet tables. They come in a box of 6.  They are easy to launder, but will need to be ironed. I washed one and took it out of the dryer damp, hoping the wrinkles from being folded for packing would come out. It still needed ironing. They chair covers need no ironing.


Whether you are looking for a way to brighten and change up your dining area or need ideas for a party, these chair covers and tablecloths will spark your imagination and help you achieve the look you want. You can find out more about them at these links ~

CHAIR COVERS (12 pack)




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