Rubber ducks are FUN and looking at them makes me happy! When my daughter was younger we had a “Rubber Duck” themed bathroom. This Rubber duck is not only CUTE but INSTANTLY displays the temperature of water. It gives constant updates, so there is never any question what the temperature is. Not only does it have an easy to read 3/4 inch LED screen, but the round display also changes color! BLUE the water is too cold, RED too hot and GREEN just right! The duck measures 5” long and 3 3/4” wide. I am always on the look for affordable baby shower gifts and this duck thermometer is perfect! It is suitable for boys or girls! I also like that it can be used for newborns and older children. We have a Jacuzzi tub, It takes a while to fill. When I am running the water, I bend over often to “feel” the water temperature. With this duck floating in the water, I can avoid that and tell in a quick glance the temperature of the water!


This duck arrives with 3 AAA batteries installed and ready to use. I did not realize it had the batteries already installed so I opened it up. It has 8 screws that keep the bottom panel securely on. There is also an O-ring inside that keeps the battery compartment completely dry. It is fun to watch this duck float around in the tub. It is a good tool to use, in addition to feeling bath water with your hand, to help ensure bathwater is safe and comfortable. I was provided this Rubber Duck Bath Thermometer as a sample and wanted to share my positive experience with it. I would not hesitate to purchase it again. It can be purchased from Walmart or Sears:

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