We are currently using this fan 24 hours a day! We heat our home with a New England Soap Stone wood burning stove.  The stove is in the living room. It keeps the living room toasty (sometimes too hot) and now with the help of this fan, it helps keep the rest of the house comfortable too!  This fan circulates a lot of air! Within minutes of setting this fan in between the living room and dining room, it lowered the temperature in the living room by a few degrees and raised the temperature in the dining room! The design of this fan is ATTRACTIVE and it is much quieter than other fans we have used. Since it has a vertical design, it takes up very little floor space.
It comes with a round base that has to be added to the fan before use. The base comes in two pieces and is easy to put together and attach to the fan. It is held securely in place with 3 screws. We have it sitting in the open, with a wide space around it. If I had rambunctious children visiting, I would make sure it was in a corner so that it would be protected and not knocked over.
This fan can be run in 3 different airflow modes and speeds, it can also oscillate if you prefer. This gives a lot of options. It comes with a remote and has a large easy to read display that shows the temperature! It is simple to operate and I like that! I received this fan as a sample and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.
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