I like having a variety of glassware on hand and these glasses are perfect when serving beverages, ice cream or desserts that are 8 ounces or less. They have an attractive and functional design. The Borosilicate glass they are made from make them more durable and less likely to break.  Like any glassware, care should be taken when handling and washing them, because the can break. We are using these glasses primarily for cold beverages but they are microwave safe and suitable for hot beverages. The double wall design keeps the outside from getting condensation and provides insulation to keep the contents hold their temperature.
p1140005 These glasses have four round fingertip indentations on the outside. This not only gives them a secure grip, but also is attractive addition. The rim is smooth and a nice width. The are comfortable to drink out of. They are perfectly smooth inside and out. The bottom of each glass has “Ozeri” proudly etched onto it. They come safely boxed with each glass in it’s own compartment, ready for gift giving.  These glasses work just as well for cold juice at breakfast as they do for hot Wassail on a chilly night. I received these glasses as a sample and am pleased to share my experience. The following retailers carry these glasses:




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