Capture TruMoo collage for blog

TruMoo is an excellent way for my family to get needed nutrients!

I was excited to be involved in the Tru Moo BzzAgent Campaign! I got try TruMoo at no cost to me and was provided coupons to share. TruMoo comes in various flavors including Chocolate, Strawberry and Coffee flavors and various sizes including gallon and half Gallon jugs. TruMoo Milk is made fresh by their family of local dairies across the country, so varieties may differ depending on where you live to meet your neighborhood’s needs.

We love Chocolate milk and are milk drinkers! My husband will not touch white milk, in the past we have added chocolate powder or syrup. This was not only messy, but often did not dissolve well. TruMoo is such an improvement and tastes much better. It is a mainstay in our refrigerator and my shopping cart. My family loves the flavor of TruMoo and will remind me before I do my weekly shopping to pick up a gallon! I am happy to comply because it is good for us! It has no high fructose corn syrup, 35 % less sugar than other chocolate milks and is a great source of calcium, protein and vitamins A & D PLUS it is low in fat because it is made using 1% lowfat milk from local dairies. I am a big fan of Purity products and can find them easily at local stores. I was excited to discover the TruMoo Website ( and signed up for coupons. TruMoo is about a $1 higher than generic milk, but since it already has the chocolate added, is not messy and there is no waste,(because we drink it up quickly) I consider it a good value!

We had a family get together and I let all the children and (adults that wanted to) sample TruMoo!  I also passed out coupons. TruMoo Chocolate Milk was a hit with everyone. You can’t tell it very well in the photos but there are some cute milk mustaches!!

Don’t forget to check out for activities and helpful information such as how to help you plan for a whole month’s worth of deliciously nutritious breakfasts and snacks.