This kitchen scale is a welcome addition to my home! I have a set of calibration weights and when I used them on this scale the readings were spot on. I was impressed with the precision. This Ozeri kitchen scale’s large 5 1/2″ x 8″ surface surface makes it easy to weigh a variety of items.  It is perfectly flat with no crevices so it is easy to keep clean. It has a low profile (less than an inch thick) and weighs less than 1 lb. so it is easy to store and move around. It comes with 3 AAA batteries that are easy to install. This scale can measure in ounces, pounds, Kilograms and grams. It can measure up to 11 pounds / 5kg. This is great for me because I print my own shipping labels and I can easily get an accurate weight for small packages. It has a Tare feature which is easy  to use. It comes with 3 AAA batteries that are no problem to install. I like that it has a 2 minute auto-off function.


The scale has 4 non slip feet. It sets well on any flat surface. The only issue I had with this scale is that the 2 front feet are set back and when the ON/OFF button is pressed down, it can rock and tip the scale forward.  I appreciate this scale’s accuracy and how easy it is to read the LCD screen. It also has a dial, but I honestly don’t use it. I find this scale useful for portion control, recipes, measuring precious metals and postage. I know I can count on it anytime accuracy is needed. I received this product as a sample and wanted to share my experience with it.

To find out more about this scale or to purchase it, you can visit the following links:

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I like having a variety of glassware on hand and these glasses are perfect when serving beverages, ice cream or desserts that are 8 ounces or less. They have an attractive and functional design. The Borosilicate glass they are made from make them more durable and less likely to break.  Like any glassware, care should be taken when handling and washing them, because the can break. We are using these glasses primarily for cold beverages but they are microwave safe and suitable for hot beverages. The double wall design keeps the outside from getting condensation and provides insulation to keep the contents hold their temperature.
p1140005 These glasses have four round fingertip indentations on the outside. This not only gives them a secure grip, but also is attractive addition. The rim is smooth and a nice width. The are comfortable to drink out of. They are perfectly smooth inside and out. The bottom of each glass has “Ozeri” proudly etched onto it. They come safely boxed with each glass in it’s own compartment, ready for gift giving.  These glasses work just as well for cold juice at breakfast as they do for hot Wassail on a chilly night. I received these glasses as a sample and am pleased to share my experience. The following retailers carry these glasses:

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We are currently using this fan 24 hours a day! We heat our home with a New England Soap Stone wood burning stove.  The stove is in the living room. It keeps the living room toasty (sometimes too hot) and now with the help of this fan, it helps keep the rest of the house comfortable too!  This fan circulates a lot of air! Within minutes of setting this fan in between the living room and dining room, it lowered the temperature in the living room by a few degrees and raised the temperature in the dining room! The design of this fan is ATTRACTIVE and it is much quieter than other fans we have used. Since it has a vertical design, it takes up very little floor space.
It comes with a round base that has to be added to the fan before use. The base comes in two pieces and is easy to put together and attach to the fan. It is held securely in place with 3 screws. We have it sitting in the open, with a wide space around it. If I had rambunctious children visiting, I would make sure it was in a corner so that it would be protected and not knocked over.
This fan can be run in 3 different airflow modes and speeds, it can also oscillate if you prefer. This gives a lot of options. It comes with a remote and has a large easy to read display that shows the temperature! It is simple to operate and I like that! I received this fan as a sample and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.
It is available at these retailers:

“Ozeri WeightMaster II 440 lbs Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Change Detection”


We recently remodeled one of our bathrooms and this scale is an attractive addition to it. It looks nice enough to leave out, and also has a thin profile and it is lightweight for easy storage in a closet or under a dresser. It has no slip feet on the bottom and feels very secure when I step on and off it. It comes in black or white. I got the black. It has a textured surface and I appreciate that it not only provides a comfortable surface to stand on but does not show dust like my glass topped scale!

The surface of this scale has been treated with Microban to inhibit bacterial growth which is a great feature. If you want to keep track of your weight this scale has the capability to track your weight for 30 days. The numerals are quite large and the LED screen lights up brightly. This makes it easy to read. This scale can also tell you if you have lost or gained weight, with a change of color on the display, green for weight loss and red for weight gained.

It comes with batteries installed, ready to use. It measures accurately and consistently when compared to our other scales. It does not take anytime to warm up. Step on it and it instantly comes on, step off and it goes off automatically. I was provided this scale as a sample and so far I have had no issues and am very pleased with it. For more information or to purchase, visit these links:

WALMART ~…/Ozeri-WeightMaster-II-44…/49545933

SEARS ~…/p-00864516000P…

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Rubber ducks are FUN and looking at them makes me happy! When my daughter was younger we had a “Rubber Duck” themed bathroom. This Rubber duck is not only CUTE but INSTANTLY displays the temperature of water. It gives constant updates, so there is never any question what the temperature is. Not only does it have an easy to read 3/4 inch LED screen, but the round display also changes color! BLUE the water is too cold, RED too hot and GREEN just right! The duck measures 5” long and 3 3/4” wide. I am always on the look for affordable baby shower gifts and this duck thermometer is perfect! It is suitable for boys or girls! I also like that it can be used for newborns and older children. We have a Jacuzzi tub, It takes a while to fill. When I am running the water, I bend over often to “feel” the water temperature. With this duck floating in the water, I can avoid that and tell in a quick glance the temperature of the water!


This duck arrives with 3 AAA batteries installed and ready to use. I did not realize it had the batteries already installed so I opened it up. It has 8 screws that keep the bottom panel securely on. There is also an O-ring inside that keeps the battery compartment completely dry. It is fun to watch this duck float around in the tub. It is a good tool to use, in addition to feeling bath water with your hand, to help ensure bathwater is safe and comfortable. I was provided this Rubber Duck Bath Thermometer as a sample and wanted to share my positive experience with it. I would not hesitate to purchase it again. It can be purchased from Walmart or Sears:

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I enjoy entertaining.  The older I get the simpler I want changing out from one occasion to another to be. I was excited to get the opportunity to to order Emart’s chair covers and tablecloths during a promotion.  Their solid white surface provides a blank canvas that is perfect for all types of decorating. I quickly changed my dining room table from Halloween to Fall and then to Winter using nothing more than duct tape!  The tape is easy to apply and remove. (The residue from cutting the duct tape can be removed from your scissors with WD-40)



For Halloween I decorated the chairs with a “ghosts” and “spiders”. The candy corn, eyes and nose on the spider were cut from Duck brand chalkboard tape and then colored with permanent markers. I chose reverible place mats so I could reverse to solid orange and use them after Halloween. The centerpiece was a simple white pumpkin surrounded at the bottom with Jack-O-Lantern cookies. My Sister-in-Law gave me the gorgeous bowl that the pumpkin is displayed in. I put the bowl on top of a black candle stand (turned upside down).



I used inexpensive straw hats from the dollar store to top the chairs and help turn them into “scarecrows”. The hats have a metal edge so it was no problem to bend the hats so that they would stay on the top of the chairs. Wire edged ribbon,  fall leaves along with  duct tape features completed the look and took only minutes to apply. I used bronzer to add some color to their cheeks. The same Halloween place mats were used, turned over to the solid side. I added cornucopia napkins and pine cones to the centerpiece.



I like using snowmen to decorate with because they  look good before, during and after the Christmas Holiday. I used inexpensive black sun hats, stapled in the front to top the chairs. I left the “mouth” and ribbon that was on the scarecrows and just switched the noses to a carrots adding coal eyes. I took this photo to show how the simple addition of two “buttons” makes a big difference! I removed the white pumpkin from the centerpiece, added pine cones (that I picked up from the yard) and fresh red delicious apples!


Themed parties are always a lot of fun! To create the “cat”, duct tape was used again for the features and bows. For the ears I used large stick on labels. A “rabbit” with long ears would be easy to create for Spring parties!  You could use black for ears, nose and spots to create dog chairs for “Snoopy” or “Zoomer” on Paw Patrol. Pandas would be no problem to create. The ways these chair covers can be decorated is virtually unlimited!

I look forward to using these chair covers. They are made from stretchy fabric. The bottoms have pockets for the legs of the chairs to slip into. They stay in place and are comfortable to sit on. They can be put over a variety of chairs. They work on folding  card table chairs, but don’t look as good as they do on straight back dining chairs. The table covers are made from 100% polyester, 90-Inch diameter and fit most standard round rectangular banquet tables. They come in a box of 6.  They are easy to launder, but will need to be ironed. I washed one and took it out of the dryer damp, hoping the wrinkles from being folded for packing would come out. It still needed ironing. They chair covers need no ironing.


Whether you are looking for a way to brighten and change up your dining area or need ideas for a party, these chair covers and tablecloths will spark your imagination and help you achieve the look you want. You can find out more about them at these links ~

CHAIR COVERS (12 pack)


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I was excited to be given the opportunity to try SpaceSaver Premium *JUMBO* Vacuum Storage Bags during a promotion. I couldn’t wait to try them out! I had recently purchased some pillows for my outdoor rockers. I am going to use the pillows next Summer and need to store them. I used one of the bags for them.  I was very pleased with how many pillows I could get in one bag and impressed with how compact the bag became!

You get 6 Space Saver bags in the *Jumbo* Pack. Each bag measures 38 1/2″ x 31″. The  area that can be filled measures 33″ x 31″. These bags are heavy duty, the plastic is thick!


The bags are easy to fill, I had no problem putting four 18″ pillows in bag. I tried out the pump that is included and it does work, however it is slow, and gives your hand and arm a work out! My vacuum compressed the bag completely in a matter seconds! Each bag has a Double-Zip Seal and Triple Seal Turbo-Valve!

This set comes with printed directions, and also each bag has”How To Use” directions printed on it. The bags can be used over and over. I appreciate that they will keep items free from dust, odor and insects! Even though it is slow to use, the portable pump makes these bags perfect for traveling!

These bags come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. I am pleased with their performance and pleased to recommend them. I like to change our bedroom decor often. I have a lot of quilts and comforters. I will be using these bags to help organize my linen closet!

I was happy to test a sample of this product while giving my unbiased opinion.

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