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Do any of you need idea’s for a gift for your Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Sister or friend? OrgamiOwl has jewelry items that you can customize to create one-of-a-kind gifts. Charms start at $5, Lockets start at $16 and Chains start at $10. I am excited to be collaborating with them! You can pick charms that dangle or tiny charms and crystals that go into a “Living” Locket. You can change what goes inside the locket and add to it!

If you need a gift for an upcoming Birthday, Easter or Mother’s Day look no further!. Go to , look around. If you find something you want, at checkout there is an area to the right that asks if you have a Jewelry Bar Code. Add mine, Mary – 17555

This is a really fun site to shop on. If you have any questions or would like some help creating the perfect personalized gift, I will be happy to help you!

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Here are some charms that Paula was kind enough to send me so that I could experience them first hand. I am impressed with the quality and attention to detail of them all! The enamel work and tiny jewels add to their design. They have exceeded my expectations!


This is a really cool flask! It has an attractive black outer wrap with white stitching on top and bottom. It is easy to wipe clean. I appreciate that it is made from stainless steel and will never rust or corrode or effect the taste of the contents.The collapsible cup is a little hard to remove, but that keeps it from falling out. While removing it, I have scratched and left marks on the exterior with my nails. I was excited to get the opportunity to try this flask at no cost and review it during a promotion. It is an attractive way to carry a favorite beverage, albeit not so quite because the collapsible drinking cup rattles. If I wanted to carry this flask inconspicuously I would remove the cup. This flask is backed by a 1 year warranty so you can order it with confidence. It would make a great gift! The top screws on tightly and I filled it and it did not leak. The top is also hinged to the flask so it won’t ever be misplaced or lost!Capture flask

I really like this fruit infusion pitcher! It is not only beautiful but works great! It is made from acrylic that is so crystal clear, it looks like glass! I have never been a big fan of regular water, unless I am outside working in the heat. I know I need to drink more water and like flavored water. I was very excited when I got the opportunity to try this Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher at no cost and review it during a promotion. It makes it so easy for me to create my own flavored water and is a great way to serve it!

This pitcher comes with a removable hollow infusion rod that can easily be filled and cleaned. It can also be totally removed after the infusion process is done. The lid fits the pitcher without the rod, which is a nice feature! My favorite combination is strawberries and apples! I wash them, slice them and fill the rod. Then add water and put the pitcher in the refrigerator for several hours. The result is aromatic and refreshing! I appreciate that this pitcher holds a generous 3 quarts and is shatterproof / break resistant! 

I can’t wait until my garden starts producing. I think fresh cucumbers and lemon balm would be a great combination, I look forward to trying that! With this pitcher the possibilities are endless!

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If you are interested in learning more you can go to this link!

It is a reassuring to find a business that is committed to their customers complete satisfaction. I was excited to get the opportunity to order and sample and review a set of sheets from just this type seller. “My Sweet Home” has one goal and that is to ensure their customers expectations are met. I was very pleased with the sheet set I got. It exceeded all my expectations!These sheets are made from 100%microfiber /polyester. They are designed to mimic the durability and comfort of fine Egyptian cotton sheet sets that cost a lot more!

My sheet set is “Camel” color and almost matches my kitty! Here are the reasons I love this set…..

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QUALITY!                                                                                                                                                                                These sheets and pillowcases are extremely soft. They feel very smooth to the skin. That is very important to me. If my sheets are not comfortable, I don’t get a good night’s rest. I need my Zzzzzzz’s and these sheets provide that.

DETAILS!                                                                                                                                                                                   The fitted sheet has extra deep pockets. My mattress is 10 inches and it fit nicely with extra to tuck under the mattress, which I like because it keeps the sheet in place. The hem on the top sheet is very smooth both on top and bottom. The pillow case has an open hem on the bottom that allows the pillow to be tucked in it, creating a “finished” look, that would be very nice on a guest bed. The decorative stitching on the pillowcases is attractive and nicely done. In fact all the stitching on this set was nicely done. I did not see any loose or hanging threads.

I used a detergent that was perfume free and dye free because that is what I use for all our  bed linens. The bottom sheet I air dried. The top sheet I dried in the dryer and took it out immediately and put on the bed, smoothing it out with my hands. I thought hanging the bottom sheet and letting it air dry would produce less wrinkles but the machine dried sheet had less wrinkles! Neither way of drying produced totally wrinkle free sheets.  I did not use any fabric softener.

SELECTION!                                                                                                                                                                           These sheets come in a nice selection of colors and sizes!

Capture sheets colors and sizes

If you want to find out more you can check them out on Amazon!

1800 Prime Collection Bed Sheet Set -Top Rated On Amazon - #1 Seller of Soft and Cozy Sheet Sets at the best Sale Price - All brushed microfiber, wrinkle resistant, deep pocket, and luxury hotel quality - Over 12 Colors available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal King - Queen Beige

1800 Prime Collection Bed Sheet Set -Top Rated On Amazon – #1 Seller of Soft and Cozy Sheet Sets at the best Sale Price – All brushed microfiber, wrinkle resistant, deep pocket, and luxury hotel quality – Over 12 Colors available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal King – Queen Beige

Buy from Amazon

I was VERY excited when I got the email that I was chosen to host a Disney Side Party!!! Words can not describe….I had heard about previous parties from several friends. All of them told me how much fun the parties were and how generous the party boxes were. When my box arrived I was not disappointed! In fact it exceeded my expectations! I was absolutely amazed at the quantity and quality of items in my box!!


My party had a “Multi-generational theme. It included Disney theme party supplies: Mickey and Minnie Tablecloth, napkins, cups, plates, Treat holders and a cupcake stand. it also included gifts for the guests, Disney Parks information, and photo paper packets. It also included activities for the party, Disney bingo; Disney Crossword;Pin the mouth on Mickey. I was really pleased that it also included Twinings Tea, Soy Vay Teriyaki Sauce (amazing taste) as well as All and Wisk laundry detergent. It seemed nothing was left out,, there were party invitations, a party guide full of activities and recipes. The party kit included quality reusable totes, courtesy of ABC Family, and nice water bottle.

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I made cupcakes with the Duff Tie-Dye Cake Mix that was supplied and created my own Mickey mouse toppers. We were supplied with colorful Wilton Sprinkles!

Capture Capture Disney Melissa & family

One of the activities we did was to decorate “Disney” themed cookies. I made the cookies and iced them with a homemade fondant icing. I had safe food grade dye markers for the guest to use as well as a selection of toppers.

Capture DisneySide cookies collage

Capture DisneySide decorating cookies collage

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party. They enjoyed the activities and games. The were also excited with the Disney themed decorations and swag! I think the photos convey what an awesome experience this party was!


I never dreamed so much fun and excitement could come in a cardboard box, with a #DISNEYSIDE sticker on it! A big “SHOUt OUT” and “THANK YOU” to Mom Select, Disney Parks, and all the generous sponsors that made this possible.

I appreciate the opportunity to host my first  Disney Side party! If you’d like to host your own party, visit for great party ideas, you won’t be disappointed!

I love this set of candles! I am including photos but they do not do these candles justice! These candles can be used in so many ways. I was excited that I was given the opportunity to try these candles and review them for a discount during a promotional launch! They give the DECORATIVE look of a real candle, because they are made from real wax. The LED wicks gives a flickering effect that is very realistic. These candles will be USEFUL if the power goes out, with the touch of a remote you will have enough light to get to a kerosene lamp or flashlight. Capture battery operated candle collage I love the ambience of candles, but not the danger. With this set you get all the advantages and they are safe to use. I have 3 cats that like to jump up on my tables so I always worry when I have candles burning that they might knock one over creating a mess or even worse hurt themselves or start a fire. I can have peace of mind when using these candles. You can turn on the ones you want to burn with a simple ON / OFF switch on the bottom of each candle. Then using the remote control you can “Light” them. The candles and the remote come ready to use with batteries already installed. The remote has a plastic piece that you just remove and it is ready to go. These candles are also great for anyone the that is sensitive to scented candles. They are not scented, so you don’t have to worry about that. My husband only likes certain scents and complains about most candles. I am very pleased with this candle set. It has exceeded my expectations and I feel good recommending it. You can view it on at this link.

I was excited to get the opportunity to review As Seen On TV’s Dispenserless Tape in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I ship a lot of packages. I have family and friends that live all over, some as far away as West Africa! I also sell antiques and vintage items on Ebay. I ship a lot of packages. I am always losing my scissors and sometimes don’t have an extra hand for scissors when holding the boxes together, so I couldn’t wait to try out this tape! It didn’t disappoint me either! In fact it exceeded my expectations! It is strong and durable and it is super easy to find the edge to unroll a new piece with the black dots directing you right to the spot!

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I appreciate a lot of information is given right on the front of the roll: the roll is 55 yards long, 2″ wide and 3 mils thick. The directions are pretty self explanatory, but it is nice to have them along with an illustration. There are faint black dots all throughout the roll. These dots mark the segments. The segments are 12″ long. This means that every 12″ you can tear the tape by hand, no cutter or scissors necessary as the tape is perforated in that area. You can also use longer than 12″strips if needed. These longer strips remains strong and durable once it is taped down! Very COOL!

I found another great use for these 12’ tape strips. They are the perfect length and width to be used as a lint remover! I have a black chair pad that my cats like to hang out on. Just one of these strips removed all the cat hair from that pad easily!!

I am always excited with a product that saves me time and frustration. This tape does both. I no longer need scissors or have to waste time looking for the end of the tape!

Capture tape collage lint removal

Here is the link to the tape on Amazon


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